Too many computers

Computers at gulker.comComputers have a funny way of proliferating around here. A couple of times, I’ve gone on pruning missions through the CPUs, only to have the processor count slowly creep back upward. A couple years ago, we gave away some beige PowerMacs and moved the remainder, including our first web server (a might 66-MHz Apple Workgroup Server 6150) to a rack in the garage.

Then we began giving away or moving G3s and G4s and a couple of bare-bones Linux boxes. For a while we ran our very own home ‘supercomputer‘ that made it into the top 3% of the SETI@home project.

Now, looking around The Core, we see a dual-G5, liquid cooled PowerMac, a single-processor G5, a G4 mini, an Intel Core-Duo mini, an AMD 64 machine running Linux and a PowerMac Cube, along with attendant cables, printers, scanners web cams, KVM console etc.

These machines all have jobs: main household work station with 23″ screen (both Linda and I work from home some times), secondary workstation (17″ inch screen), Paperless Project scanning workstation, Linux experiment, Mac OS X Server with DNS et al. and utility machine (DNS, webcam deprecated Radio blogging server), but it’s getting a little cluttered here at Gulker World Headquarters.

But it’s clear we could collapse a these tasks into many fewer machines. Next project will be to re-hack The Core, maybe starting from scratch. What sort of services should the modern home network offer?


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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4 Responses to Too many computers

  1. gfbird says:

    . . . little wonder remodeling the house is delayed . . .

  2. cg says:

    You mean, because I spent the money on computers…?

    Actually, I think my tab at local eateries is worse than the Apple store bill…

    A very proper Episcopal woman of our acquaintance was a wondeful fund raiser for our church (All Saints) in Pasadena. She was very well connected in the community, and during church stewardship calls would confront fellow faithful with the news that their bar tab at the country club was more than their giving to the church.

    She was very successful in supporting the work of the Lord…

  3. gfbird says:

    . . . I mean because remodeling would interfere with the gear – I assume gear is less expensive than remodeling materials and labor in your neighborhood.

    . . . the eateries’ visits are sufficiently balanced by the DJ’s, are they?

    . . . did she fund-raise at the bar, or did she just know the bar manager? I trust the remodeling budget is also eroded by your contributions supporting the work of your Lord.

    (interesting to see the latest site build — though the brown links in the black text hardly stand out . . . as others have noted)

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