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Virtual on a Mini or two

Robert Carleton’s story about moving a rack full of older Celeron-based servers to a Mac Mini, using Parallels VM software to host the BSD images of his servers, got me thinking. Robert’s pages, served from a BSD image of his … Continue reading

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So far so good…

As you can see from the legend above [since removed: see Comments below], Spam Karma 2 is working fine, catching all the dreck that I would otherwise be cleaning out of the comments. Question, how does one remove the banner…?

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Spam Karma 2 arrives, and gets right to work

Reader Paul Waite was kind enough to comment, when I complained about mounting comment spam, that he thought Charles Arthur had found a solution for his WordPress blog. As it happens, Charles and I worked for the Independent in London … Continue reading

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Mac Mini VT-X disabled by firmware update?

According to this post on the Parallels Support Forum – VT-X disabled by firmware update?, Mac Minis with firmware MM11.004B.B00 (the version my machine has) show VT-X working and not working. Parallels works OK, but is supposed to really fly … Continue reading

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Even more virtual

A guy in Hawaii replaced an aging rack of Celeron-based 1U servers with a Mac Mini running BSD in 2 Parallels virtual machines. His machines catch 10,000 accesses or so a week, and his power and air-conditioning bill have dropped … Continue reading

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Going virtual

Parallels, the Mac OS X virtualization software that lets me run Windows XP on my Mac Mini, is awesome. With only 512 MB RAM (and the OS needs 128 MB for the video with XP installed) performance is perfectly usable. … Continue reading

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Geekin' it

So, we installed Parallels, virtual machine software for Mactel computers, on our dual-core Mac Mini. Our base configuration (read, 512 KB RAM) actually works! We installed Parallels with 5 or 6 other apps running (not recommended, but it worked), which … Continue reading

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