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An encounter with Mr. (or Ms.) Hawk

Just as we reached the top of the hill where Stanford’s Big Dish radio telescope is located on our Saturday 6-mile jog, spouse Linda yelled. I, with my head down and puffing up the steep (for me) trail, had missed … Continue reading

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Standards drive a personal technology upgrade

Lately, spouse has needed to record some interviews. At the recommendation of one of Linda’s colleagues, I wound up setting her up on our Mac with Audacity, the open source audio digitizer/recorder for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Linda … Continue reading

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The world's most secret blog?

Our Mac OS X 10.4 Server, which has been turned off for a couple of months, has just been booted. Not sure exactly what, if anything we’ll be doing with this machine, but we’re going to give it another hard … Continue reading

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Los Lobos

Long day, now sitting in front of a Mac listenig to Los Lobos’ latest, The Town and The City, downloaded from iTunes. of course. This band does not disappoint. Moi, I love Chuco’s Cumbia and The Road to Gila Bend, … Continue reading

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The LAN overhaul begins

With the Mini finally upgraded, we can get down to the fun part, architecting the new LAN. First stop will be to learn a bit more about DNS behavior, and then doing the back-of-envelope diagrams that serve as a starting … Continue reading

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Enemy of the state

We bought a movie from iTunes last night, just to see what the experience was like. The movie starts as soon as the first bits are down, but it stalled frequently as playback overtook download. We watched an hour of … Continue reading

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The Mini, finally sees all 2 GB of its new RAM

It was a struggle, and the Mini almost didn’t make it through the process, but the Intel Mini now sees al 2 GB of its new Techworks RAM from Other World Computing. The problem may not have been bad RAM: … Continue reading

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