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This year's pumpkins

This year’s porch pumpkins were carved tonight. Sweet spouse Linda did the hard work and cleaned the pumpkins (thank you dear!). Given my current reduced motor skills, this may not be the best job we’ve ever done. But this has … Continue reading

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The day 1K bug

Apparently, the Mars Rover designers did not anticipate their craft would endure much beyond the 90 days of the original mission plan. As both Spirit and Opportunity came up to their 1000th sol (the Mars day, consisting of 24 hours, … Continue reading

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A good time and place for a brain tumor

Judging from the number of friends, acquaintances and strangers who have relayed their experience with brain tumors, I’ve picked the right decade and place to have one. A woman in SF wrote that her oligagiloma was removed at Stanford more … Continue reading

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A World HQ upgrade

The really big news today is that yesterday, on our Fry’s trip, John and I picked up a sweet 20-inch Apple Cinema display. Linda has transitioned in the past few months from a mostly TV viewer to a mostly Net … Continue reading

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The 'world's most secret blog' revealed

It’s Sunday morning, and a pleasant day stretches ahead. I’ve got a bunch of projects planned: some writing, a much-needed cleanup of the ‘World HQ’ and moving my secret blog to a public URL. Michael Matze, our family counselor who … Continue reading

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Thank you…

Please know that I am all but overwhelmed by the kindness that daily comes my way in the form of phone calls, email, blog comments, mail and postcards (not to mention the wonderful meals that have shown up on our … Continue reading

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Thinking about current life and times while strolling on a beautiful day

Just back from a very pleasant walk around Stanford corral and golf course with faithful Australian Shepherd Cassie. It’s a beautiful, crisp autumn day, the sky is deep blue and cloudless, the oaks and eucalyptus sparkle in sunlight that is … Continue reading

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