Good day for photos

Young woman on the N judah

Sweet spouse Linda let me ride public transport up to UCSF today (though I really did enjoy my morning with Mike, yesterday) and it turned out to be a banner day for photos. Today’s San Francisco sky was a beautiful deep overcast early on, rendering everything under its glow in silver hues bound to warm the black-and-white heart of this photographer. It reminded me of being 19 in London, trawling the streets for pictures with a rangefinder camera even then.

At one point, a young architect on the streetcar, spotting the Leica, pointed to the Bay Bridge, a silvery apparition disappearing into the fog, as we coursed down the Embarcadero. There wasn’t a black or white tone to be seen: only subtle grays painting a magnificent scene. I should have stepped down from the streetcar at the next stop and walked back to shoot it. When I was 19, I would have.

Almost everywhere I looked on Caltrain and the N Judah, there were pictures: I just moved a bunch of completely raw stuff up to the N Judah ‘portfolio-in-progress‘ if you want to take a peek – a couple of Caltrain pix snuck in today… I’ll have to think if those are ‘legal.’ These are not B&W conversions, BTW: I set up and have been shooting straight B&W with the Leica for a couple of days now. This whole effort is a B&W exercise, I’m really a B&W photog at heart, so it’s just the right thing to do…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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5 Responses to Good day for photos

  1. pauldwaite says:

    Wow, she’s purty.

    Fantastic stuff. Picasa doesn’t seem to want to let my Google account leave comments over there, but I’m a big fan of the shot of the bridge framed by the window, and the chap showing you his… calculator? PDA? Tetris game?

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