Gulker labs latest: the 'cheesy crate'

'After': the $8 'cheesy crate' with cable ties and a little thought

Before shot: very bad, lots of stray wires, no room for sysop feetHonest, I have been thinking for a long time about upgrading the LAN, making the World HQ experience richer and easier to use and generally cleaning up the whole thing. I’m used to working against technology, defaulting to bad work flows because of a system glitch and otherwise working around things that should be working for me.

So, my resolution for 2007 is to make World HQ work for me (and Linda) a lot better than in the past. It should be easy to find things, it should be easy to do things, and everything a computer does well should be off my hands and delegated to its CPUs, registers and memory.

The starting point for me is the physical state of World HQ’s LAN and other systems accomodations. Years of adding and pulling computers, servers, experimental clusters, cam, scanners, HDTV demultiplexers et al. have left a pretty sorry mess that makes it really hard to change things. For one thing, every socket and power strip here is full, though many of the bricks’ wires lead to peripherals long gone.

We needed a fix: so one of the things I’ve done during radiation therapy, MRIs and othe time when thought-exercises were about all else I could do, was to think about how to fix things, and not just by tearing everything out and starting over again (which has been done a couple times now). Then, once I had a plan, I begun to try to deconstruct it to the fewest pieces that would be easy to manage, so that changing things going forward would also be easy.

Today we did the first protoype, code-named ‘cheesy crate’ after the $8 office-supply plastic file crate that is now the substrate, kind of like the telco racks in a server room, for the left side of’s compute environment, presented here in before and after pix. A write-up, pictures-in-progress et al. are in the works…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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