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Coyote and the winter sky

This bronze coyote sits atop a tower marking a jogging/bike path along the Guadalupe River Parkway that runs adjacent to Adobe’s office complex. As I left work at 4:00 PM by the the Park Avenue ‘back door’, headed for the … Continue reading

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A pleasant, quick and healthy way to get to work

A 9:00 AM meeting at Adobe meant getting right up (5:45 AM) to get in my 1.8-mile Cassie walk, before getting cleaned up and starting off at 7:00 to walk the mile to the Marguerrite 7:30 B-Clockwise shuttle to the … Continue reading

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Blogs (this one anyway) are always better with pictures

Last night’s text posts just seemed kind of blah, graphically, so I used the opportunity of Linda, Cassie and I taking another old favorite hike – or actually a short part of it – to snap a couple of pix … Continue reading

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A picture like a painting…

Linda ran the the tough Big Dish loop this morning, featuring rain, I noted, looking out the kitchen window, that started just about as she hit the half-way point: nothing to do but make ones’ way home (I’ve been there … Continue reading

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A small, warm celebration…

So, we’re feeling, um, buoyed by recent events, even though we realize we’re still at the beginning of a long journey. We had planned a dinner in tonight with friends Cathy and Mike (I’m slowly returning to picking up my … Continue reading

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A very good day at UCSF China Basin

MRI images are like photos: it’s really difficult to take a photo of a living object from exactly the same position months apart. Nevertheless, the 2 images above show the same tumor in my head, left, as of this morning, … Continue reading

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Cassie, the time-exposure dog

So, we’re headed up to UCSF this AM for a full day of procedures and a consult with my oncologist, Dr. Susan Chang. UCSF is a remarkable institution, and its fine, bright, knowledgeable and relentless doctors and other staff have … Continue reading

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