We're going (we went) to Disneyland!

Linda and FRiend at breakfast at Disney Grand Californian

Adobe gave plane and Disney tickets and a day off to the Acrobat 8 team when we went GM, and I have to say, given what else we have been dealing with for the last 4 months or so, this was a really welcome break for the Gulkers. As you can see it started at breakfast when the Disney figures began arriving to liven things up.

After that, we skipped like kids from ride to ride (the park wasn’t very full, especially first thing, and Linda, lifelong Disney expert, picked an eclectic mix of rides, from Space Mountain and Indiana Jones to the very amusing “It’s tough to be a bug’ 3-D show to old favs like Pirates of the Caribbean (with Johnny Depp now showing up in surprising places ) and even the old Haunted House. We also liked the Condor Soaring ride, an immersive, very realistic glide through some of California’s prrettiest scenery – the Golden Gate Bridge swoop was particularly good – and the Grisly River Run, a water ride in the new California Adventure park was fun.

Disney Downtown, a mighty retail space where the old Disneyland parking lots once stood now offer a few choices beyong the rather dreary theme restaurants of DisneyWorld and Orlando. At Cattal, Linda and I found braised Morrocan lamb shanks, braised short ribs and a good wine list. The meal, and a very amusing Anderson Valley wine our waitress managed to find, made our evening, even before good friend Marguerite came down for dessert and drinks in the lounge of the Grand Californian. We had a lot of fun, almost like 2 little kids… we were exhausted by the time we got home…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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One Response to We're going (we went) to Disneyland!

  1. gfbird says:

    nothing Mickey Mouse about it . . .

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