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Morning ritual, redux

Cassie and I walked a half-mile again this morning, and, like yesterday, the left leg tired most quickly, and there is a little back soreness – but not bad. I am considering trying to walk to the train station this … Continue reading

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Linda and Alice' big night

Linda and Alice did indeed make their way to the re-nion (excuse weird spelling – note post problem below) last night, and seemed to have had a great time. They sat up after returning from the big event, and twittered … Continue reading

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More steps

So Cassie and I walked just about a half a mile this Sunday morning, more than doubling yesterday’s distance. Woo hoo! The really good news is that edema is down, and balance is back. I’m very weak, but my 56-year-old … Continue reading

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Busy, fun day

Linda has a class party this weekend. I’m using ‘party’ here because if I use the proper, more descriptive word ‘re-nion’ (if I drop only one letter, the post works), I get a permissions error from Apache (probably actually something … Continue reading

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Chemo fog

It’s real, it would seem. Not just my fogged brain…

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Long week finishes up in the garden

90 degrees almost, by the time I finished up a long week’s work efforts to the extent I could, took a walk (part of rehab therapy) and got into the garden for a little work (ditto). We put the pole … Continue reading

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Very tired, but happy

Most folks wouldn’t see 3 days back at work as a big deal, but I’m a happy guy. I even managed to walk back to the train station today (don’t ask how long it took)! I did almost completely collapse … Continue reading

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