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My new life: a new episode begins

Today is my last (active) day at Adobe: as of next week I will be out on short-term disability and thinking through my new life. Dealing with cancer has been a very hard experience, both for Linda and I. I … Continue reading

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100 in the garden today

Warm day here on the Peninsula… weather service predicted a high of 86, but Dotcom Garden, unshaded and in a confined reflecting space, was showing 100 degrees on its thermometer when I went out to water mid-afternoon. It’s a spare-the-air … Continue reading

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The sun and the moon

Looking East, as she jogged this AM, Linda saw the rising sun: turning and looking back, she saw the near-full moon in the West. Full story is over on First Blush…

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Remy, of 'Ratatouille' fame arrives

Last night we opened a package at dinner: it contained a votive candle, and Remy, the protagonist of Pixar’s delightful movie ‘Ratatouille.’  Only one person in the universe could have sent such a missive: my friend, retired priest David Perry. … Continue reading

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A really good taxi

My taxi this morning at San Jose station was a Prius. The back seat was roomier, and a lot easier to get into, than the big Ford Victoria sedans that make up most oif the rest of San Jose’s fleet. … Continue reading

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Morning rituals

So far this morning we have: done our 30-minute workout, showered, dressed, fed the dog, made the coffee, taken our ‘integrative‘ medicines (‘Dragon’s Dust‘ and mushroom extracts), taken our anti-convulsants, steroids and side-effect controlling pills (13 of ’em), opened the … Continue reading

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40 great free applications

CNET blogger Matt Assay and Linux Today point to this list of 40 great apps, (including some open source). Interesting list… software is definitely headed to ‘free’…

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