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This year's goblin parade

One of our charming neighbors, dressed as a butterfly, was among the 47 ghosts and goblins who made their way to our door in this first, funny, GW Bush Halloween where darkness fell an hour later than usual. Last year, … Continue reading

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Cure for Leopard's blue screen

Scott Loftesness sent me a note saying he’d had the same ‘blue screen’ experience as I with his Leopard install, but had cured it just by forcing a restart. Worked for me, too… now we’re exploring Leopard…

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This year's spooky crop

Here’s 2 of 3 pumpkins we’ll be putting out tomorrow night for the annual goblin parade. Still have to figure out No. 3…

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This probably wasn’t Leopard’s fault (pun intended) but we felt about 30 seconds of rolling around 8:05 PM this evening. USGS makes it a 5.6 magnitude quake centered near Alum Rock, on the Calaveras fault. Seem to be more damage … Continue reading

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The Blue Screen o' Death?

One hour, 30 minutes after we installed ‘available updates’ to our virgin Mac OS X 10.5  Leopard install, we are still looking at Mr. Blue Screen with its spinning doohickey. Many online reports say if you just let it go, … Continue reading

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The Leopard install

Our Leopard install started inauspiciously enough – Leopard couldn’t see our Mac Mini’s HD initially although it did see an external Maxtor USB drive that was attached to the Mini. We rebooted with the USB drive off, but still no … Continue reading

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Leopard is in the house

Leopard arrived late yesterday afternoon, in a tiny box not much larger than the DVD it contains. We’ve been alerted to the OS X ‘Blue Screen of Death‘ issue, so we think we’ll be trying out an ‘Archive and Install’ … Continue reading

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