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All the news that's fit to click

Have you noticed that newspapers are becoming front ends for web sites? The line above this post comes from a New York Times promo for its multi-faceted web presence. The S.F. Chronicle and S.J. Mercury are particularly chock full of … Continue reading

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A full day for 'Mr. Retired'

So, you would think a recently retired guy would be happy-go-lucky Mr. Carefree, but that’s hardly been the case recently. True, I did have lunch with good friends on Monday, spent some time taking pictures, and otherwise had a very … Continue reading

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Good day for pictures…

A parade of Christmas birds caught my eye at Ladera Nursery today, as did shadows cast by the adjacent outdoor tables at Portola Valley Shopping Center. We had kind of a full morning hopping from blood lab in Menlo, to … Continue reading

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Time flies

At church this morning, many parishioners and their children took the opportunity to make Advent wreaths during a very nice brunch organized by Trinity’s foodies. As I looked on, it gave me pause to consider how fast time has flown … Continue reading

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Pope Innocent III action figure

Only a friend of David Perry would be unsurprised to receive a Pope Innocent III action figure in the mail. David and I frequently correspond on the subject of Pope Benedict XVI, and somehow David thought injecting Pope Innocent III … Continue reading

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Seed banks

Friend, retired priest Stuart Coxhead came over for leftovers last night (with friend Anne Peterson), and brought a copy of the New Yorker with a fascinating story about the world’s seed banks. American Cary Fowler, descibed as the ‘world’s seed … Continue reading

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Catch up day

Linda’s exhausted, no surprise, after cooking, serving and cleaning up yesterday’s excellent repast. She may be feeling that cooking once a year is plenty. Anyway, today we’ll be having leftovers with friends Anne and Stuart…

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