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And while we were waiting…

for to come back, we realized, looking at the creation date for the domain (January 20, 1995) that we have just passed the 18th anniversary of – we were live on a modem link and IP address before … Continue reading

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Yes, yes, we are aware that – email, web site et al. – has been screwed up for the last couple days. I renewed the domain for 5 years (as I recall) and with the turmoil of last year … Continue reading

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Is time an illusion?

A New Scientist article suggests that time is an artifact of the macro-scale world. Two scientists have cooked up a version of quantum physics that doesn’t need or use time.  Hmmmm….

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Why things suck

33 things that make us crazy: Wired Mag’s lead article this month digs into why things like air travel, tomatoes, software support et al. just suck. One surprise entry: science.  Science sucks because it reveals the limitations of humans. We’re … Continue reading

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Grace checks in

A very cheery note in an otherwise sad week: John and Julie added this very cheery portrait of granddaughter Grace to the family album. I still think she’s the prettiest baby…

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So, if you were in the parking lot of Sequoia Veterinary Hospital yesterday around 10, you might have noticed a 50-something male sitting in a Ford Escape Hybrid, bawling like a baby. That would have been me. Cassie was such … Continue reading

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A sad chore

We’re off to the vets to see our dear dog Cassie for the last time. She’s been failing in recent months, and took a sudden turn for the worse a couple days ago. The hardest part of having a wonderful … Continue reading

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