Macworld: DisplayLink USB monitors

3 usb monitorsThe most unusual thing about the setup, pictured, is not that someone managed to get 3 monitors to work on Windows (much less on a Windows laptop), but that the connection is via USB.

DisplayLink offers a hardware/software solution that allows users to attach up to 6 monitors (various resolutions and orientations are OK) via a USB port. Software on your PC (and, soon, Mac) ‘talks’ to DisplayLink’s proprietary hardware (either a DVI or VGA adapter or built-in to the monitor). Like most USB peripherals, you plug it in, and it just works, even on Vista, according to DisplayLink’s Jason Slaughter.

The Mac drivers for the chip are expected to be ready for free download in March and will initially be limited to 4 monitors (support for 6 monitors is promised). Already, Kensington has a $179 (VGA) dock that would be a nice compliment to a MacBook (or even a MacBook Air). The USB to DVI adapter could solve a problem we have here at all Apple DVI monitors and one Windows laptop with no DVI port…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    More notably, people R finally accepting new display interconnects without asking about the encryption. Too bad JPEG 2000 hasn’t made much progress in software.

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