Palm OS and Mac sync: still a train wreck

Palm Treo 650Much of the time I would have spent blogging yesterday was consumed trying to get my Treo 650 to sync with my Mac Address Book. The Treo had previously been set, via the Good software package, to sync with my previous employer’s Exchange server. When my account went bye-bye, the Treo stopped allowing me access to my contacts db.

Time to switch over to my personal contact info. Apple’s iSync seems to come set to ‘talk’ to just about every cell phone ‘out of the box’ except Palm OS devices. Indeed, iSync has a menu item for enabling Palm OS (and only Palm OS).

A prerequisite is downloading a software package that includes calendar and contact programs, pretty useless on a Mac with built-in iCal and Adress Book, and which appear little changed since Mac OS 7 or 8. There’s also the whole Palm  conduit business with 3 or 4 different apps to manage the process, all of which contain a plethora of preference and menu settings that can scuttle the Mac/Treo connection.

By comparison, setting up Bluetooth to connect Mac and Treo was relatively easy. However after 90 minutes of checking and rechecking, my Address Book contacts still haven’t copied over to the Treo, despite the fact that the machines connect and the Treo data has been backed up to the Mac. Time to dig through logs on both machines, I guess… 


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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2 Responses to Palm OS and Mac sync: still a train wreck

  1. Chris, have you by any chance tried Mark/Space’s Missing Sync for Palm OS? A wholesale, cocoa, universal binary, backwards compatible replacement for Palm Desktop. Check it out – it might make your life easier.


  2. cg says:

    The other option: buy an iPhone…

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