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Hold the home nukes: a Mac dual G5 will do just fine

The cell phone call went something like this: “Sorry to bother you dear, but the big Mac’s screen just went dark, and now smoke is coming out of it. What should I do?” My advice (“unplug it”) may have saved … Continue reading

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The home nuclear reactor

Toshiba has announced its Micro Nuclear reactor designed for small, remote communities, apartment buildings and small businesses. the 20 by 6-foot device produces 200 kwh and is completely automatic. Designed to run unattended for up to 40 years, the reactor … Continue reading

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Editing, USB et al.

I’ve decided that the editing post is going to be an essay, and it needs work. So, I’ve moved it… We’ve been having USB problems (a recurring ‘Device Removed’ dialog) on our Intel Mini: a Google search produced a suggestion … Continue reading

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Spring and I return to Baylands

Our Baylands walk this morning couldn’t have been prettier. Shorts-and-T-shirt weather has (finally) returned, and I made the roughly 1-mile walk 10 minutes faster than last time. Spring wildlife abounds: Linda spotted goslings and a pheasant, and I had fun … Continue reading

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A virtual high tech yard sale

We have a bunch of slightly dated software and (rather more dated) hardware we’d like to move on down the user chain. Stay tuned for the list… VMware Fusion 1.1.2 has shipped, according to VMware’s Peter Kazanjy. We’re currently running … Continue reading

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A really big Ice Cube

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory consists of a cubic kilometer of Antarctic ice some 2,500 meters below the surface. The ice, said to be about 60,000 years old, will eventually hold 80 boreholes (made by pumping hot water at high pressure), … Continue reading

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Working on our look and feel

So, as you may be seeing, we’re working on the theme for our WordPress blog. WordPress makes it very easy to change themes, but I haven’t found a way to park the new theme on another URL while I twiddle … Continue reading

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