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France? No, Potter Valley

I awoke this morning to the view of beautiful hillside vineyards. It would be easy to believe were still in France, but we’re visiting relatives in Potter Valley. To make us feel even more like we were in France, cousins … Continue reading

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The new Mac Pro comes to life

So, we’ve been slowly getting the new Mac Pro together: I ordered RAM from Other World Computing ($350 vs. around $2,000 from Apple), moved over the hard drives from my former imaging workstation (now Linda’s computer), downloaded vital updates and … Continue reading

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Cool pix from Mars

Amazing: the remarkable photo above shows NASA’s Phoenix lander suspended from its parachute shortly before landing. The picture was taken with a telephoto imager (aka the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera) aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The photo … Continue reading

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Mars in the news

Planet Mars is back in the news this weekend: NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft will attempt one of the most dangerous landings ever tried. The lander will attempt to set down in Mars north polar region after negotiating a perilous 15-minute entry … Continue reading

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The Googlization of Gulker

Google Health debuted yesterday, and I signed right up. Unfortunately, UCSF is not yet on electronic patient records, but my drug store, Long’s is. It was easy to link to Long’s and enter some info about me and my ailments. … Continue reading

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Glioma in the spotlight

UCSF’s Dr. Susan Chang was on PBS’ NewsHour tonight, being interviewed about Senator Kennedy’s Glioma diagnosis. Susan is my neuro-oncologist: she was very precise and politic about the disease, avoiding making a ‘TV diagnosis.’ Of course, what we Glioma patients … Continue reading

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The new Mac

Cue Jaws theme: we chose the Mac Pro, and not because other Mac models lacked power. Our big problem was that’s World HQ was (literally) built around the tower form factor, we have to drive multiple monitors (iMacs will … Continue reading

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