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A half-mile with Linda

Sweet spouse Linda was kind enough to walk with me this morning, despite my very slow pace. Trainer Heidi Engel has been encouraging me to walk longer distances without my cane, and this was my longest jaunt – a half … Continue reading

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A walk through Arastradero

A deer and her fawn greeted me as I made my way along a dirt path through Palo Alto’s Arastradero Preserve this morning. I was much anticipating this, only my third visit to the Preserve since cancer struck. The park’s … Continue reading

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On the 'road'

We’re blogging by iPhone from Peet’s Coffee in downtown Menlo Park, after nearly completing a 1.6 mile circumnavigation of our small town. Cousin Kelly is in town, and we met her and the family at Ann’s coffee shop for breakfast. … Continue reading

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'My' stop sign

Stanford, or maybe Santa Clara County, may think it’s their stop sign, but I think of this as my stop sign. It happens to be almost exactly one mile from my back gate, and is the current goal of my … Continue reading

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Tolerance at the heart of U.S. religious beliefs

Americans, faithful and secular alike, are tolerant of others, despite the strictures of their own beliefs, according to Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. Their report, U.S. Religious Landscape Survey “reveals a broad trend toward tolerance and an ability … Continue reading

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A Sunday morning sketch

This bright morning finds me at the kitchen table with a plate of eggs scrambled with a freshly diced tomato, a pan-grilled chicken apple sausage from Biancini’s market, a mug of freshly-brewed Peet’s coffee, a cocktail of ten pills (Lyrica, … Continue reading

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Hot times in the Bay Area

Linda’s in Leaward, Kansas this evening, meeting with exotic fauna and, yes, watching the Giants play the Royals with girlhood friend Alice Carrott.  At game time (4pm in Menlo, 6 pm in Kansas) it was hotter in Menlo Park than … Continue reading

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