A half-mile with Linda

Chris walking without caneSweet spouse Linda was kind enough to walk with me this morning, despite my very slow pace. Trainer Heidi Engel has been encouraging me to walk longer distances without my cane, and this was my longest jaunt – a half mile.

I’ve been walking without my cane in the house and at the gym, but I’ve been a little nervous about walking outdoors alone without it – it’s still really hard from me to get up from the ground without help, and I’ve been concerned lest I trip and fall.

Linda was just the moral support I needed, however, and we got around the block in a little over 25 minutes. Linda has blogged this, too, noting that a doddering husband is nearly as good company as a doddering dog… photo by Linda Hubbard Gulker…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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One Response to A half-mile with Linda

  1. John Getze says:

    Lookin good!

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