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I go 'Berkoesque;' Linda finds some pretty hikes in Bauge Regional Park

Looking around our rented house here in St. Jorioz, I’ve noticed some pretty amazing photos on the walls. Linda did a little sleuthing, and discovered the house is owned by the daughter of the late photographer Ferenc Berko. Berko is … Continue reading

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Annecy: 5 walks and a wedding

After early morning exercise (Linda jogged; I did a fairly grueling set of Heidi routines), we set off to explore Annecy’s fabled old town. We figured that if we got there by 10 AM, we’d beat the crowds in a … Continue reading

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Three miles on the shore of Lac d'Annecy

A bicyclist pauses on the shore of Lac d’Annecy this morning as I walked a 3-mile circuit on the lake’s western shore, also known as the ‘Rive Gauche’ hereabouts. A pair of the lake’s celebrated swans or cygnes cruised by, … Continue reading

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Dinner at St. Jorioz

After the usual airport/airplane/airport/airplane//rental car marathon, we arrived at our rented house in St. Jorioz, above Lake Annecy a couple of hours ago, in time to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at a corner marche, and other staples at the … Continue reading

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Exploring the brain, with a Kindle

So, we’re headed off to France, again, this time to a rented house near the town of Annecy, close to France’s Eastern border. Anticipating lots of reading time, I’ve loaded up my Kindle with reading matter, mostly dealing with the … Continue reading

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Reaching out to Creationist kids

Good article in the Sunday NYT about a Florida biology teacher in a conservative district who tries hard to reach kids who come to his class with preconceived notions of Creationism, sometimes groomed by years of teaching by their church. … Continue reading

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A host of serious neuroscientists and credentialed observers have weighed in recently on the topic of brain plasticity, the notion that The Mind can (physically) change The Brain. Faced with so much on my to-do list, naturally, my response is … Continue reading

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