I go 'Berkoesque;' Linda finds some pretty hikes in Bauge Regional Park

Parasailing in Bauge Regional Park

Light and shadow on a corrogated metal roofLooking around our rented house here in St. Jorioz, I’ve noticed some pretty amazing photos on the walls. Linda did a little sleuthing, and discovered the house is owned by the daughter of the late photographer Ferenc Berko.

Berko is known for, among other things, his photos that make abstractions of scenes that he found in a life lived around the world, from his native Hungary, to India where he lived for nearly 10 years, to Morocco, Japan, Chicago and Aspen where he taught photography in his later years.

After looking closely at a number of his photos, particularly a couple of series of abstractions hanging in one of the bedrooms, I suddenly began seeing everything in a ‘Berkoesque’ way, like the corrugated metal barn roof, seen here.

This as sweet spouse Linda discovered a couple of mountain walks that I could do in nearby Bauge Regional Park, which is a spot much favored by parasailers (parasailors?). Not that these walks weren’t tough (for me), particularly the uphill portions (definitely ‘Heidi approved,’ we decided) – in all about 90 minutes of working on balance (on the downhills) and strength, on the uphill pulls. Then home to a lunch of cheeses, Black Forest ham, bread and Badoit – we had a very pleasant morning…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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2 Responses to I go 'Berkoesque;' Linda finds some pretty hikes in Bauge Regional Park

  1. Peter Runrig says:

    Great pix of Annecy area – thanks!

    “which is a spot much favored by parasailers (parasailors?).”
    – actually these people are called “paraglider pilots” (sport is called paragliding) – parasailers get towed on a line behind a boat. nowhere as much fun.

    In French the word for the sport is parapente.

    peter – former paraglider pilot

  2. cg says:

    Thank you for the clarity… this site can always use more clarity…

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