New 'green' ride, Tony?

Tony Perkins with Commuter Cars Corporationâ??s Tango electric cars

AlwaysOn founder Tony Perkins appears to be negotiating for one of Commuter Cars Corporation’s Tango electric cars before the start of this morning’s Going Green conference. Low mileage, slightly used, very clean demo models...


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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3 Responses to New 'green' ride, Tony?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Their discussing who got the bigger mortgage bailout on his mansion.

  2. cg says:

    Actually, the Tango salesman was pointing out they no longer accept mansions as trade-ins…

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