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A California Christian ponders Prop 8

 It is no secret that Proposition 8, a proposed amendment to the California constitution that would remove the right to marry from gay and lesbian people, is being financed in large part by the Mormon Church, which reportedly has spent … Continue reading

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The crawl and the claw

We arose this morning did some quick ‘Heidi crunches’, dressed, then got on our hands and knees and crawled to the kitchen. There, I got back on my feet (a struggle for me) and donned the claw, otherwise known as … Continue reading

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Dawn patrol

Pretty sky this morning as Scott, Tiger Lily and I set off on our circumnavigation of west Menlo Park. Scott’s been traveling and otherwise occupied, so we’d skipped a week of walks. I really missed the company… Scott and Lily … Continue reading

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Timely or timeless: the blogger's conundrum

Gym-mate, theologian Daniel Clenendin and I chatted while pounding two of the Palo Alto Y’s treadmills this morning.  Daniel wanted to write an essay this week that took into account the choices we face in the upcoming election. He bemoaned … Continue reading

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In hard times, look to community

We had the good fortune this morning to listen to the Rev. John Kater speaking at our church‘s Sunday Forum. He spoke intelligently, in my mind, about the role of Jesus as mentor and a notion of a ‘hands on’ … Continue reading

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The stock market 'genius'

Heh, no sooner did I ask if it was safe to come up, but the market dived another 700+ points, and it’s off more than 300 this morning. According to pundits this is because a. now that we’re past the … Continue reading

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Locking in disaster?

So, we are sufficiently long in the tooth to have been through a couple large ‘corrections’ in the stock market. A few days after I had proudly bought a few shares in a mutual fund in 1987 (and was busily … Continue reading

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