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WordPress 2.7 lookin' at you, babe

We can cross ‘upgrade WordPress’ off our New Year’s Lesser Resolutions list. You’re looking at it! We made one small mistake (a misplaced ‘?’ plus angle bracket) in the config file, but quickly found and fixed it in TextWrangler. Two … Continue reading

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Counterfeiting our New Year's resolutions

As the New Year looms we found ourselves making the usual list of resolutions for the New Year. Buddy Scott and I, over our morning coffee, talked about the usual random topics, including at least one New Year’s resolution. I … Continue reading

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Carneros sky

Woke¬† up this morning somewhere near the Napa/Sonoma county line to see pretty clouds drifting in a deep blue sky. We’re still hanging out at our ‘undisclosed location‘…

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Christmas blogging

Granddaughter Grace was the center of a very cheery Christmas this year. She’s shown here with her two favorite presents: a 10-foot-long tunnel she can crawl through and a large blue box that had held one of her mother’s presents. … Continue reading

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Red sky in the morning…

We walkers (Scott, Tiger Lily and I) took note, if not warning as we made our rounds on wet Menlo streets. Scott talked about Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell’s new book that tracks the reasons for success. One of Gladwell’s maxims is … Continue reading

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We noted, a while back, that we had decided to go mano a mano with a stereo speaker problem we’d been having. It wasn’t easy, thanks to near-unbelievably bad Sony product design, a broken (actually, critter-gnawed) wire under the house … Continue reading

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Today's MRI

Here’s a cheery holiday image (at least from my perspective): it’s a picture extracted from the MRI study made of my brain this morning at UCSF. The small white squiggle in the lower left quadrant of the picture corresponds to … Continue reading

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