Counterfeiting our New Year's resolutions

jackson_crop_225.jpgAs the New Year looms we found ourselves making the usual list of resolutions for the New Year. Buddy Scott and I, over our morning coffee, talked about the usual random topics, including at least one New Year’s resolution. I brought up my determination to do our loop walk at 3 mph and also to complete the 3-month Brain Fitness Program from Posit Science as Resolutions Number One and Two.

Scott mentioned a British friend who had been blogging about the shortcomings of cash including counterfeiting, recalling an incident where an attempt to copy a $20 bill on a networked copier resulted in a phone call from the Treasury department.

Of course, I immediately put a twenty on my $200 Canon multifunction scanner/copier/printer/fax and produced a scarily real-looking reproduction. I guess the Canon doesn’t have the built-in anti-currency copying feature (aka CDS) built into high-end scanners and programs like Photoshop. You can see the detail captured by my inexpensive rig in the crop reproduced here. Good luck, Treasury… I think the counterfeit cat may be out of the ink-jet bag, as it were (btw, I destroyed the copy – it was only the face side, anyway).  So far, no calls from Treasury – but then our Canon is on a USB port, not Ethernet, so no IP address.

After Scott and Lilly departed, my thoughts went back to The List So Far:

  • Walk or slow jog at 4 MPH
  • Complete the Brain Fitness Program
  • Spend at least a month in the South of France (and improve my French)
  • Redouble my physical rehab efforts, especially the Heidi exercises

There are a bunch of Lesser Resolutionss: get AirTunes working with the stereo, upgrade WordPress, learn more about neuropalsticity among them. We better get going…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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