Inauguration day

San Francisco Sunrise

San Francisco Sunrise

Linda and I are sitting in bathrobes in a cozy hotel room on Nob Hill, watching the Inauguration of Barack Obama. We came up last night for the interfaith Inauguration vigil at Grace Cathedral, having decided to make a night of it in the city.

One of the great things about Grace Cathedral is that there is a bar, The Big 4, across the street – you can slip easily from pew to barstool, from the word of God to the elixir of the gods, as it were. We did.

As the sun rose this morning, we awakened to the sound of a Powell Street cable car and Linda snapped this shot of the pyramid and the Bay.

President Obama has just been sworn in, he and the Chief Justice fumbling their lines. Linda is watching teary-eyed as the President delivers his inaugural address: Melea Obama is snapping pictures as her father speaks. Truly, a new day dawns…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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3 Responses to Inauguration day

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not very supportive of his economic plan to be buying hotel rooms instead of treasury notes. The economic plan requires selling $1 trillion of bonds in 2009.

  2. gulker says:

    Hadn’t thought of that… but I was trying to spur on the local economy…

  3. Barb says:

    I personally think that the Huntington is the be-all and end-all of bars in the city…Ahhhhh.

    Loved the Inauguration in all it’s it iterations – full of love and historical significance. The speech was wonderful in it’s indictment of Cheney, it’s call to action and it’s tip of a hat to FDR.

    Let’s hope he is worthy of our trust and adulation…I think he is!

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