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More from Fort Worth

Video and audio are big topics at this year’s Southwestern Photojournalists Conference, as is the topic of failing newspapers and mass layoffs. It’s a conference about story-telling, and there are many gifted story-tellers here. Takes me back to my photog … Continue reading

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Picture from the Southwestern Phootojournalists conference last night in Fort Worth. We’re having fun…

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Interrupts, interrupted

Scene at the Stanford-UCLA game tonight. UCLA won. Linda is in a good mood…. 10:24:47 PM We’re busy today, packing for the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference, we’re also squeezing in the gym, shopping, gassing the car (so Linda will be set … Continue reading

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One of those days

We headed off to the Menlo Park Library this morning, which friend Scott says is a very pleasant place to work. I had the netbook, Leica, iPhone, Kindle and all my other tools in my trusty (if beat) official Wall-E … Continue reading

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Does anyone read blogs anymore?

Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, MySpace… is there a place for blogs anymore? Any reason to maintain one? Reading Twitter this morning (@jcposner describes it as a ‘flash-mob in a whorehouse’). I find myself wondering if blogs, after 14 years or so, … Continue reading

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Gearing up, reaching up and out

It’s Monday, and we’re getting ready for a big week. I noticed this morning that I was reaching pretty easily for my breakfast bowl. Another tiny milestone… 7:36:34 AM The Cube is now on the network, after we moved its … Continue reading

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Back on the 'command line'

We’re back in OPML editor using its outline interface, a feature which first debuted, I think, in ThinkTank and More, outliner software that debuted in the late 80s and early 90s. I was introduced to it in the Frontier scripting-cum-databse … Continue reading

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