The N Judah 'public beta'


It seemed to me that the ‘book’ feature in iPhoto would be a good way to assemble and view a portfolio of pictures. So I bundled up a collection of photos that I took on the N Judah streetcar and CalTrain while I was commuting to radiation therapy at UCSF’s radiation oncology department in San Francisco.

We did a quick first draft, mostly to see how the repro in the book looked relative to the photos on screen (predictably, the shadows became darker) and then fixed up and sent off a second draft, which came back this past Friday.

I’ve posted a page which gives more information about the project, and allows readers to download a PDF version of the second draft – a ‘public beta’ (please feel free to leave your comments). With a bit more fiddling with some of the photos, we’ll be ready to print a very limited run edition which will be offered for sale. We may also offer prints of some of the photos… signed by the ‘artist’…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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6 Responses to The N Judah 'public beta'

  1. Anne Garwood says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, Chris. I love the idea of it, as well as the execution, and I’m glad I get to accompany you on that thrice-weekly journey. I feel like I lived it in a small way via Linda, but this takes a long, hard slog and turns it into a pilgrimage, a party, a peek into a thousand lives, not just yours.

    I want one.

    (PS: Finally got a camera. Not the DSLR I’m hoping to afford soon, but a rugged little canon that’s the next best thing, and good to practice on:

  2. Good stuff. The bridge is eerie, and the people are nicely observed. My SLR has taken to hanging on my leg like that, but I have yet to see anyone else actually doing it. Hopefully I’m not to obvious either.

  3. Dave Stromfeld says:

    Very nice. I really like “Fog, Irving Street” and “Young Woman, Sunset Tunnel”. Look forward to seeing more.

  4. cg says:

    Guys: Many thanks for the feedback… personal projects kind of happen in the dark… great to get a sense of what people feel when they see the pix.

    Adrian: the photog had a Zeiss Ikon on that strap – he spotted my Leica D2 as he exited the car, turned to talk, but the doors started sliding shut so he had to jump…

  5. njudah says:

    Hi, I found your site via Google News Alerts and wanted to say how much I liked your photography! You did a great job capturing the scene on the N and Caltrain.

    I’d love to link to your post here so others may enjoy it as well! This is really great stuff you got here and I want people to buy your book!

  6. Chris Gulker says:

    I’m linking to you, now, Greg… Thanks, but I’m not really worried about selling the book… the first edition is pretty much gone as I write. We’re considering a second printing…

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