Dazed and confused

Scott commented, originally on his blog, but later disseminated via Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook that he was becoming confused about which medium was doing what:

At the moment, I’ve got FriendFeed posting updates to my Twitter account – but I have left Facebook out of that loop. I had Facebook included for a while but it seemed to me that the Twitter/FriendFeed updates were just a bit too much for Facebook.

I’m with you Scott, I’m confused, too, and especially because I’m a relative noob to social media (Scott got me into this, really). I have this fear that I will somehow configure a Twitter-Friendfeed-Facebook-blog feedback loop that will take my last post and repeat it indefinitely… 8:05:18 AM

ford_mirror_rain_225.jpg‘Weather art’ is a time-honored assignment at most local news-gathering operations. Via Twitter (see above) I kidded Gary Fong of the Genesis Photo Agency that I would shoot a weather picture yesterday, on my way to the gym. Unlike in the past, when I’d go out in full rain gear with a weatherized Nikon and a bag full of lenses looking for a not-the-usual-people-with-umbrellas picture, I now prefer to keep dry, and snapped this less-than-epic photo. Heh, from the driver’s seat… 8:30:36 AM

Photo Book 460.jpg

The future of the portfolio? Digital Foci thinks so. Ping me when you ship the 11×14 version… 8:51:32 AM

The 2009 taxes are *finally* done after a full head-down day. And we did it completely paperless on our end, receipts, credit card statements, W2 forms et al. We learned a trick with the portfolio feature in Adobe Acrobat that, after a little hack to work around a bug, saved a lot of time and uncertainty in nailing down itemized expenses. Third year for successively less paper, and less time to complete… 7:46:28 PM

Currently playing in iTunes: Cuban Slide by Pretenders. Just playing with scripting MarsEdit… now it’s Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers… 9:38:10 PM


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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2 Responses to Dazed and confused

  1. Rick Brown says:

    Roadrunner by the Modenr Lovers, awesome. I have seen Jonathan Richmond many times over the years, he’s alternately hilarious, quirky and engaging live. He rarely (never?) played the oldies.

  2. Chris Gulker says:

    Story goes that a young Richmond recorded Roadrunner after a trip to New York, where he heard the Velvet Underground – he didn’t believe 4 people could make so much sound…

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