Gearing up, reaching up and out

It’s Monday, and we’re getting ready for a big week. I noticed this morning that I was reaching pretty easily for my breakfast bowl. Another tiny milestone… 7:36:34 AM

The Cube is now on the network, after we moved its ethernet cable to the correct side of the router (doh!). We found radio.root, but not frontier.root. Radio.root opened in OPML Editor but began throwing error dialogs that push themselves to the foreground about once a second. Trying to remember the key board shortcut to comment out the offending code… 12:12:38 PM

26_cents_225.jpgSpent a little time speaking with my new acquaintance at California and Birch in Palo Alto this morning over coffee (me) and cocoa (him).

I asked him why his signs have a plea for 26 cents. His reply: ‘It adds up. By the end of the day I can get a meal. 26 cents has saved my butt a couple of times.’ Then I asked if I could take his picture:’Sure.’ I put my coffee cup on the fire plug that’s part of the corner’s furniture, along with two plastic crates, the sign, a tin cup and a wooden alms bowl.

I raised my Leica, focused and pressed the shutter button: nothing happened. The camera’s battery was dead (despite being charged the day before). Annoyed, I excused myself, walked into the camera store across the street, and bought a ridiculously expensive, new, rechargeable battery. Out of the box it had enough charge to allow the picture you see here (and here). We’re recharging now… and we’ll be back to finish the conversation… 1:46:33 PM

MacOS X netbook: an almost legal hack, over at Gizmodo. Looks like my EeePC will run OS X, too (with a bunch of work). But, I’m OK w/Linux… really. From Dan Gillmor et al. via Twitter… 4:01:57 PM


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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