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Science and journalism

Science and journalism are two fields that have always greatly interested me. I follow science news reasonably avidly, and I worked as a journalist for some 25 years. Recently, while I was reading Malcolm Gladwell‘s Outliers, I came across a … Continue reading

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Old barns, new Harleys

Here’s the old barn on our cousins’ ranch in Potter Valley. Cousin Robin and son-in-law Dave have decided it has to come down: the other three sides, the roof and timbers that support it, are pretty beat up. Naturally, photographer … Continue reading

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North be north tweets

Sunset last night, from the yard at our cousin’s (Dave and Karen) ranch in Potter Valley – a very pretty place. I tried to Tweet, complete with pics from my iPhone, but I kept getting connection errors, even though my … Continue reading

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North by northeast

Scene this morning off Cavallo Point as I took a walk. We’re headed north to Potter Valley…

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Shut up and Twitter

It’s a beautiful afternoon here at the Cavallo Point Lodge, located at Fort Baker, near the North End of the Golden Gate Bridge. Linda and I are on our way North to visit her cousins… 4:29 PM The conversation went … Continue reading

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It only took 3 days

To scrounge in the garage’s stacks of boxes, order credit card and bank statements, scavenge hard drives and computers for PDFs, scans and other data and assemble all these records into 2 spreadsheets and a Schedule C (a form that … Continue reading

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Paper's revenge

So, it was mid mid-2006 that we began the paperless project, an attempt to control the blizzard of paper that confounds daily life. I did this in part because I knew, I just knew that some day, the IRS would … Continue reading

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