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Curving back on a vision

Friend Scott, whom I’d describe as a very serious amateur photographer (and noting that amateur, in French, means ‘lover’) spent the weekend at a photo workshop in San Francisco. Scott sent me a link to his weekend portfolio, many of … Continue reading

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Back on the vegetable beat

At least this week, we’re featuring tomatoes from Lucero Farms, and not the peppers that we find so fascinating. These tomatoes are to-die-for tasty…

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Baking, literally and otherwise

We rose this morning to unusual heat. It was in the 70s, later to rise to a forecast 108 degrees – an unheard-of temperature in our neck of Northern California. Nevertheless, I’d volunteered to bake the communion bread for tomorrow’s … Continue reading

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My famous eggs

Last March, high-school friend and college roommate Jim Graham and wife Susie were driving from San Francisco south on a West Coast tour, and dropped in for breakfast. Chef moi whipped up my signature oeufs scrambled with spinach and feta. … Continue reading

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Ode to an optic

For most of my former life in photojournalism, I lugged a large, heavy, brass and stainless steel lens to every assignment.The lens, the 180mm f2.8 Nikkor was a quintessential reporter’s lens. It was long enough to capture events at a … Continue reading

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Senator Kennedy

America lost one of its greatest legislators last night, to glioma, the same cancer that I have (though mine is a less aggressive form). Besides our cancers, he and I shared the attention of UCSF’s Dr. Mitch Berger (who operated … Continue reading

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Image therapy

As I sat on my shrink’s sofa today, it occurred to me that one of the most reliable therapies for all that ails me, mentally, anyway, has been (and continues to be) photography. I love taking pictures and seeing them … Continue reading

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