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Yesterday's headline

“Never publish after a couple of glasses of wine. Wait for the better judgment of morning” says the spouse. D’accord… Advertisements

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Todally Exhaustoided

Errands, chores, 4 InMenlo assignments – I barely had time to research DAM systems for the new, soon-to-be much improved Gulker Photo Archive (and we did learn a lot from an O’Reilly title on the topic). Indeed, today’s InMenlo posts … Continue reading

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Black stars

Black stars, judging from an article in this month’s Scientific American, are all the buzz in theoretical astrophysical circles of late. Here, at, the buzz has more to do with a bad haircut we once had (and, trust me, … Continue reading

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Oh, great

So, our new Rector greeted me at the door as we left church this morning, and offered this insight: “Chris, I’ve been trying to think of what that photo of you reminded me of and it just came to me … Continue reading

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The man Linda didn't fall in love with

So, yesterday’s post of a young, ‘scary’ moi produced a number of comments, here, and on Facebook et al. All I can say is, was I the only one among us who had a bad haircut 30 years ago? I … Continue reading

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"That's the man I fell in love with"

Or so says spouse Linda, calling this a ‘scary photo,’ which dates from 1980 I think. I came across it while scanning in some old photos at the garage operation this afternoon. The photo was in the same box with … Continue reading

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As mentioned previously, we managed to do in our 40-year-old Mixmaster after making communion bread for these past four Sundays or so. The machine’s thin, brittle, ungrounded electrical cord and metal chassis were, to say the least, not inspiring confidence … Continue reading

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