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I'm exhausted, you exhausted?

Halloween dinner for 7 (plus Grace), 3 InMenlo assignments, carving pumpkins, blogging, baking altar bread – well, we’ve had a full 36 hours. We started cooking white chili from scratch yesterday, searing and pan-grilling 4 pounds of skinless chicken breasts, … Continue reading

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Hallelujah, brothers and sisters!

Saints be praised! A mere 10 or so hours into the travails of installing the new ‘easy’ ¬†Windows 7 (“Trust us” sayeth Microsoft, as did Cain speak to Abel), we now have (Amen! Shout Amen!) a working version of Windows … Continue reading

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Am I nuts?

Short answer: yes! I spent another four hours getting Windows 7 to install on my Intel Xeon-based computer. True it’s a Mac, and true, I’m installing under a brand-spanking new version of VMware (3.0), but it shouldn’t be this hard. … Continue reading

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Woulda blogged something interesting…

But, I made the fatal mistake of believing Microsoft’s ‘simplicity’ TV ads about Windows 7 (my ‘discounted’ beta-testers version arrived yesterday.) Win 7 install is at least as big a nightmare as any previous version of Windows. Its many patently … Continue reading

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We get a bye

Yup, it’s official; the Commissioner of Major League Blogs (MLB) has granted an official bye this evening. Move along, now, nothing to see here… but come back tomorrow for some heated commentary, likely on the topic of faith (good) … Continue reading

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Lying (not laying) low

We have to admit that the troops at have had a wonderful time these past two weeks in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Southern California. We do now however, both of us, find ourselves a bit road-weary at the same … Continue reading

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Heavy Chevies? Not!

Dear readers: it pains us, or, maybe, amuses us to report that, for the first time in this blog’s history (at least we think it’s the first time) we have knowingly pulled the digital wool over our reader’s virtual … Continue reading

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