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Victor resurfaces, again

We haven’t seen Victor in almost two months, despite checking his usual roosts once or twice a week. Happily, today, Victor was on the corner of California and Birch, across the street from the Keeble & Shucat photo store, where … Continue reading

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Remembering what it was I forgot to forget about

This morning saw a brunch encore of our meal with friends Anne Peterson and (the Rev.) Stuart Coxhead Saturday a week ago. Readers will recall (even if I couldn’t) that Stuart said something brilliant over dinner, stuff for a great … Continue reading

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Moonrise over Menlo Park, California (2009)

Tonight is the night that the moon appears in very nearly the same position and phase as it did for Ansel Adams’ famous 1960 photo Moon and Half Dome. Readers will recall that Scott and I had made plans to … Continue reading

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The really big post (part 2)

My day started, once again, with a spider, but this time it was an Orb Weaver suspended between my Ford Escape Hybrid and the ceanothus adjacent to the driveway. Linda gently detached his web from the car door, and Orb … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

No post today (The Big Post continues tomorrow). Move along back to your family now…

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The really big post (part 1)

It started with a spider in the sink, Monday morning – a Monday morning that had been like most of my days: I was delayed in my driveway by parents dropping off their children for the nearby elementary school, was … Continue reading

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Too beat to blog…

We really, really do have a major post in the works, you know, one of those things where I go way out on a limb theorizing from stuff I only half-understand and embarrass myself by drawing outrageous conclusions. Kind of … Continue reading

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