The dog ate yesterday’s post, honest

grace_santaOK, so it wasn’t the dog. We were, however, faithful to our new discipline, promising to post only nothing as a way to build hits, or at least, to slow the rate of desertion on/from this site. (Here’s the whole “nothing” saga). Indeed, technically, we posted nothing. See that little, lonely, non-bold “5” in the calendar to the right? No post on December 5th!

However we did, I think, violate one of our rules, a promise to post “nothing” daily. There was no post yesterday at all, so readers could have some doubts – the post might have been about something. The reader will never know, and conjecture and rumor can easily get out of hand – just ask Tiger Woods.

To put fini to that sort of thing, we’ll come completely clean. Our granddaughter Grace arrived yesterday afternoon for an overnight. So far we’ve been to the Stanford shopping center, viewed the arrival of the Santa train at Menlo station, eaten dinner at Cedro, shopped the farmers’ market, rolled in the leaves at Sharon Park and visited the Ladera Country Shopper complete with lunch at Mike’s.

There’s also been rides down slides, duck viewing, holiday light drive-bys, reading fairy tales and a certain, much-beloved animated Santa doll has sung a catchy, upbeat “Jingle Bells” perhaps a thousand times. We’ve also changed diapers, filled bottles and sippy cups, learned how to get her in and out of the newly-installed child seat and dutifully put her down for a nap (not that she needed much urging) while enforcing her mother’s dictum to use her “big girl” words.

In short we’ve had a ball. She’s been a delight, really, but it takes all the energy Linda and I can together muster to keep up with her. There wasn’t a lot left over for blogging last night…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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2 Responses to The dog ate yesterday’s post, honest

  1. Beth Foote says:

    How lovely that Grace can spend time with you and you all with her!

  2. You guys are so lucky! Grace is a doll and I can see how she could exhaust you both and herself with all her energy. Who could resist that beautiful smile? You’re forgiven for the Dec. 5 omission.

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