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Blog fatigue

So, yesterday was so full that neither Linda nor I blogged. The big occasion was the installation of our new Rector, but we had lots of InMenlo catchup to do, as well as dealing with the foot of water that … Continue reading

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The light stick

After we were fortunate enough to catch the assignment to shoot Tuck and Patti for InMenlo, we began hankering for a portable lighting setup, like the one we rented to shoot monsieur and madame. The usual traveling one-light setup consists … Continue reading

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A less gibbous moon

Probably not many life partners were discussing a gibbous moon this evening, but Linda and I were. As we headed out for dinner I motioned to a cloud-veiled moon hanging low over the Stanford campus and intoned, with some authority,” … Continue reading

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Tempus fugit

We’re trying to stay current, but blog has abandoned ship – hasn’t been seen for going on two weeks, now, and, with no backup, I’ve got my hands full. Rehab, domestic stuff (so far this week we’ve had pork chops, … Continue reading

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Hemiplegia, revisited

We finally ginned up the courage, after last summer’s setback, to return to writing our (newly expanded) insider’s view of Hemiplegia, the condition which affects my left side. As we’ve made our way back from that warm season disappointment, at … Continue reading

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7 assignments in 2 days

The boss over at InMenlo decided there would be no respite this weekend, and we found ourselves slaving over a hot Nikon again today, shooting an artist, a neighborhood, an old truck and a rainbow, which, added to Friday’s jazz … Continue reading

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The creek is up, and so were we

Sweet spouse Linda agreed to fill in for usual morning walking partner Scott, whose work schedule precluded our usual circumnavigation of West Menlo this week. Linda and I decided to head over toward Stanford at first light, the better to … Continue reading

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