Stumping our way through a good, full day

winter_dawn_skyThis sky greeted us as we crept out this morning, a bit earlier than usual, on our way to a 90-minute cardio/strength rehab training session at the Page Mill YMCA in Palo Alto.

A full day loomed: we needed to return the strobe outfit we rented for last week’s big Tuck and Patti shoot, the car had a brake problem, we neededed to ship a camera body we’d sold on and as always, InMenlo was demanding fresh content. Such are my days.

At the gym I managed to hit the 300-pound leg-press barrier that’s been frustrating me for months. Felt good, and I was out of the gym in time to be at the photo rental door at 9:00 AM. When last I rented strobes, eons ago, from Keeble & Shucatt, the local pro photo purveyor, their hours did not include Sundays, so I missed a deadline to bring the strobe kit back on time. Congenial, and understanding, staff let us slide this one time, considering how long it had been… more good.

After dropping off the car at Menlo Chevron we walked (or, in my case, stumped) down to Cafe Borrone (by way of the post office) for scrambled eggs, whereupon we discovered a nice InMenlo story. Then we were off to Peet’s for coffee and WiFi (no WiFi at Borrone), in part so we could get a mile walk in as part of our rounds (also good for the rehab).

Menlo Chevron told us to take the car to a dealer since the necessary repairs were (only just) still under warranty – should you wonder why we’ve been taking our cars to these guys for some 20 years, this is a good example.

Then home to upload (including the photo above), write, answer email and set this week’s photo appointments, and, oh yeah, a blood test, an MRI, neuro-oncology consult and chemotherapy. Then, we started a dinner of soup made from fresh famers market ingredients, variously blanched, seared, reduced and charred before being slowly simmered in fresh herbs and broth for three hours. Good day, but I’m bushed… Linda liked the soup… and do check out this incredible John Lennon cut of “No one knows you when you’re down and out” uncovered by ace YouTube archeologist Rip Rense


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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One Response to Stumping our way through a good, full day

  1. Sara says:

    Hey, did you take a picture of the soup? I’d like to see it. Sounds yummy.

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