Grace is in the house

grace_slideMs. Grace Getze arrived Saturday afternoon, an event which explains why there was no blog post yesterday. A 2-year-old is about as much fun, and as much work, as a couple of sixty-ish people can handle in the space of a day, leaving precious little time for things like updating

As usual, just when we needed blog to step up and help out, our digital friend was nowhere to be seen – indeed we haven’t seen blog since Matthew and I spotted the bon vivant at Madera bar Friday night.

Even as the grandparents were starting to get the toddler drill down, Grace has entered the infamous “terrible twos,” a developmental stage in which a tiny will would seem to be beginning to assert itself, sometimes mightily.

Fortunately, Julie, Grace’s mom, has given us some tools to cope: e.g. there is already a “time out” chair established in a corner of the living room, a chair that was a favorite of Linda’s mom, Ede. We imagine her looking down approvingly during those instances when a cranky, shrieking child who has stopped using her big-girl words is thereto ushered until the meltdown passes.

We had a great time at the nearby elementary school slide last night, after an initial contentious debate concerning whether Blanky would be permitted to go outdoors, a contravention of Mom’s Rules. Today, after rising, diaper change and dressing, another confrontation ensued over the topic of finishing our scrambled egg, which Grandpa solved with an inspired ad-hoc compromise solution (we were allowed to finish the egg while standing up).

A trip to the farmers market went without incident, indeed was the day’s hit – a Haitian troubadour sang Frere Jacques for Grace and a farmer gave her a bunch of baby carrots, which she clutched tightly for most of the rest of the morning.

This weekend’s title bout, The Battle of the Bath, involved -in this corner – Grace, 2, weighing in at 32 lbs., and in that corner, Grandma, never mind her age or weight. While the challenger dazzled onlookers with some early moves, in the end, it was no contest: you don’t mess with Grandma in her own house. After that playtime, lunch and nap were a snap…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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2 Responses to Grace is in the house

  1. Absolutely delightful story, Chris. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Mike Ridey says:

    How can a little girl that cute be a problem at all? I am taking notes, however, on the off-chance that grandparenting (even by proxy) might happen to me.

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