Rainy day


My ‘office’ at the new Peet’s was mobbed this morning, as was the ‘Y’ earlier when we did the strength and cardio rehab that occupies our early morning three times a week. The holiday, and, rain produced a larger than usual crowd, and the regulars – startups and investors, Stanford students and a certain staffer from InMenlo, had to compete for seating with the drop-ins. I wound up sharing a table with a tall, blond, netbook-toting co-ed.

As is the case when our coffee bar is crowded, it was hard not to overhear nearby conversations. One conversation, between two men who’d both left the Catholic priesthood for secular pursuits, was particularly fascinating: they were talking about local congregations and priests and the struggles of others – many others – who, like them, had left seminary or the priesthood. We nevertheless managed to set up some content-gathering appointments for InMenlo.

Earlier, we had bumped into friend Daniel Clendenin, a theologian whose name had come up in conversation with the Reverend Matthew Dutton-Gillett last Friday as he and I sat at the Madera bar. So it’s only natural to get Matthew and Dan together, perhaps over a drink.  Hmmm. I sense a new spiritual enterprise forming… Matthew earlier mentioned that he was working on the “water into wine” thing…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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3 Responses to Rainy day

  1. Matthew D-G says:

    You mean, overhearing this discussion between two former priests, you did not invite them to be Episcopalians? It’s the next logical step for them, really. I look forward to meeting Daniel — I’m hoping that, as a theologian, he might have some insight in exactly how that water into wine thing works……

  2. Chris Gulker says:

    Was thinking of doing that, but then overheard both men say that they had left the priesthood because they were tired of being poor.

  3. Matthew D-G says:

    Ah! All the more reason to be an Episcopal priest! We’re very highly paid, you know. Clearly, these two former priests did not fully realize the mighty profits that, as you pointed out earlier, accrue to those who deal in obscure and inscrutable sacred texts. Of course, in Rome, they tend to be averse to the obscure and inscrutable…….

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