A digital dig turns up a real relic

1978_best_pix_Page_1After spending the morning getting back to my press photographer roots (yes, Virginia, we do have hemiplegic press photographers, if only me), I came home to start work on the 2010 income taxes, which I’m determined to ship the moment the last W2, or 1099, or 5498 or 09876t54321 arrives. Fortunately, our very good tax man, Ed Sallee is cool with me shipping what I have on hand – he can prepare the e-file and wait for the hard copy to punch the ‘submit’ button.

Long time readers know I scan everything, including the waterfall of paper merde that daily fills our mailbox, to PDF files on my computer. After OCR works its magic, I can (often) find nearly everything germaine to the IRS using Apple’s Spotlight search or, even better, a  PDF browser built on Spotlight called Yep. Yep has some AI which learns, so it does things like attach a “business expense” tag to Fry’s and other often-expensed receipts, which makes it easy to flip through them for the legit biz expenses, versus the personal stuff.

Yep finds every PDF on the hard drive, a good thing, since I always have to search for the oddbal stuff (though I’m still way ahead of digging through shoe boxes), so serendipitous results sometimes appear. Today, for whatever reason, a scan turned up amidst the receipts and forms, of a film envelope, the kind I used to employ to file negatives at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner back in paleolithic times. I’d used this particular specimen 31 years ago, to list all the pictures I’d taken in 1978 that I felt were noteworthy.

Some of these negatives may be lurking in my garage, where a massive project is (kinda) underway. Much more fun than dealing with the taxes…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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