Tempus fugit

We’re trying to stay current, but blog has abandoned ship – hasn’t been seen for going on two weeks, now, and, with no backup, I’ve got my hands full. Rehab, domestic stuff (so far this week we’ve had pork chops, grilled, with baby Brussels sprouts that were seared then baked in apple juice, rack of lamb with braised baby carrots and greens and, tonight, Dover sole with artichokes) income taxes and trying to carefully transition from COBRA to Medicare, a confusing process to say the least – all are keeping me plenty busy.

Thus gulker.com misses posts, and I’m not even conscious of it – the days are full and rush by in such a blur. I only just noticed there was no post yesterday.

Today was a ‘down’ cancer day physically, and my 40 minutes on the treadmill and hour on the weight machines did not come easily this morning… a couple times I almost threw in the towel, but in the end I didn’t, and finished everything – I felt good about that when I hobbled out of the Y. After that, we made a Peet’s stop where I scanned for news of the iPad ($499? Way to go, Apple…), followed by an appointment with Guy’s Plumbing, followed by an InMenlo assignment, followed by two hours with the Medicare web sit up on one monitor and my COBRA site on the other, then quick shower before starting dinner, which was a mini-disaster. Dover sole became Broken sole because of a defrosting incident, but the artichokes were OK. Anyway


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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4 Responses to Tempus fugit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Being aware of the gender ratio in Silicon Valley, it’s quite easy to imagine a massive product going through Apple with no-one imagining the word iPad could mean something besides a computer but the rest of the world found it revelating. It’s the first time we ever saw the lack of women here epitomized in a screwup of such magnitude.

  2. Dave S @ Adobe says:

    Just got contacted by this gent wanting to talk to me due to my blogging and twittering @ Adobe.
    He’s written a book called “The Last Newspaper”. When I read the book description, I immediately thought of you. Looks right up your alley.
    Best to you and Linda.
    Dave S @ Adobe

  3. Lamar says:

    Dinner sounds delicious. May I recommend this cookbook: “The Minimalist cooks at home”. By Mark Bittman, former food critic of the NY Times. Short, to the point recipes for the working guy..and we all work. Check it out at the Peninsula Library. Be interested in what you think, you may be too advanced for this, but then there is always that gem of an idea.

  4. Happy New Year! I am working on improving my blogroll- Cancer Blogs – at Being Cancer Network where your own blog is presently listed. One of the things I want to do is to improve the 800 blog entries, making them more useful for readers.

    Check to see if information is correct. Please let me know your specific cancer diagnosis – the medical term. Also the year you were diagnosed and anything else you think is relevant for the listing such as a transplant. If you have written a book or memoir, I can feature it in a special Cancer Book List section. Please include the name of your blog in the email so I can put the information in the correct listing.

    Cancer Blogs I & II has been a very popular (over 8000 visits) and valuable resource for folks. It allows people to view what others with a similar diagnoses have gone through. And it brings additional attention and traffic to survivor’s blogs. It is helping to build a strong, vibrant community of survivors.

    Please consider adding Being Cancer Network to your blogroll if you have not already done so.

    Please see my January 10 post – New Year’s New Face – for additional changes in the website. WIshing you a happy and healthy new year.

    Dennis Pyritz, RN
    leukemia & transplant survivor


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