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The amateur chef takes a hack at "Pub chicken"

Woodside’s Village Pub, known for the Michelin star it has garnered for some years now, is also famous, at least among locals, for the fabulous chicken it regularly produces. The spices change, the accompaniment of vegetables changes, but the chicken … Continue reading

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About as much fun as the amateur chef can have

Saturday morning saw us, hands scrubbed and crisp white apron tied restaurant-style (in front), dutifully chopping vegetables and splitting whole chickens in the kitchen at the Village Pub, a local eatery. Good friend Scott Loftesness labored away nearby, cheek by … Continue reading

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An overdue thank you…

One of the problems of being an early adopter is that you get old, and newer technologies blaze past, leaving you sitting in your comfortable, but hoary, tech equivalent of the cave you share with your pet dinosaurs. In my … Continue reading

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The good news…

Ok, so poor has been languishing these past couple of weeks (months, actually), but it’s not because of any, um, personal bad news. We’ll hopefully arrest all fears, lately expressed in emails and text messages by making it clear … Continue reading

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Grace’s Garden, day 2

After the media trucks and TV lights had cleared out from yesterday’s grand opening, Grace and Grandpa “Chrissy” made their first family-only visit to Grace’s Garden this morning. Grandpa, used to the 5-minute attention span of a 2-year-old wasn’t expecting … Continue reading

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Grace’s Garden grand opening, a star-studded event

Today marked the gala opening, and official christening of Grace’s Garden, the overdue replacement for Dotcom Garden, which went bust in the downturn when VC money dried up. Celebrities on hand included granddaughter Grace, 2, Grandpa, Grandma, Blanky (sorry, Julie) … Continue reading

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My 59th birthday

True, there are those of us, particularly among my peers, who don’t particularly like seeing another birthday roll around, especially since we hit 40 or so. But for some, me for example, birthdays are a treasure, something we look forward … Continue reading

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