My 59th birthday

chris_cake_210True, there are those of us, particularly among my peers, who don’t particularly like seeing another birthday roll around, especially since we hit 40 or so. But for some, me for example, birthdays are a treasure, something we look forward to.

I’ve seen the last couple birthdays as an opportunity to look back upon the gifts I’ve been given in the previous 12 months. This past year brought a month in France, in a tiny village in Southern Burgundy with very good friends, and even a few weeks there with hard-working Linda. It brought another year of John, Julie and Grace, our delightful, now two-year old granddaughter.

It saw the birth of InMenlo, which (don’t tell the editor) has revived me as a photographer, much to my delight. The new garden is in, and I’ve spent pleasant afternoons these past two weeks putting in spring greens and (sometimes) just sitting in the afternoon sun, dreamily surveying the new life sprouting in the planter boxes.

Besides France we had two memorable journeys : a ten-day blues trek from Memphis down to Greenville, Mississippi with a stop at “The Crossroads,” Clarksdale, MI, wherefrom hails very nearly every blues great of our generation. We also spent a magical week over the holidays in New York, courtesy of very good friends who let us invade their apartment.

And, it goes without mention that I’ve had another year of a very loving and supportive spouse, who has shouldered a huge burden (me) these past three years with hardly a whimper. Can one complain about a year like this? I think only a lout and an ingrate would fail to see how lucky he’s truly been.

I even have a Facebook inbox stuffed with birthday wishes from friends old and new today. I’m touched.

So, we’ve spent this birthday at the gym, for our usual 90-minute Wednesday strength-plus-cardio rehab workout, at Fry’s for a fun (for geek me) walking tour before buying needed smoke-alarm batteries, at Peet’s, where we broke protocol and bought a carb-laden calorie bomb, disguised as a “healthy” muffin, that was completely delicious, followed by incidental chores, an hour in the garden preparing Grace’s special corner for her overnight visit this weekend, a particularly fun InMenlo assignment and dinner at The Village Pub, a big treat for amateur chef moi. Couldn’t be more pleased with this day, or this past year… and save the date for next year, if the cancer gods allow a 60th: major festivities are planned…

Photo by Linda Hubbard Gulker


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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10 Responses to My 59th birthday

  1. Beth Foote says:

    Chris, love the birthday photo. What a wonderful year you’ve had! I’m so glad to know you, and Linda. p.s. we’re doing a house exchange with a family in NYC the week after Easter, so hope to compare notes before we go. Love and blessings, Beth

  2. Congratulations, Chris, on your 59th birthday. You had such a wonderful year and it also was the year where David met Linda and where I met you both. That was a happy day too.

    When are you planning your return to France?

    I know you will have many more Hippo Birdies!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Being able to navigate the streets of Palo Alto is daunting for much younger people.

  4. John Donald says:

    A belated Happy Birthday, Chris!

  5. Roger Ridey says:

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes!

  6. Matthew D-G says:

    I’m counting on the big 6-0 next year! And I LOVE that picture of you. The ornery part of me, however, must point out that Clarksdale, MI would be located in Michigan; Clarksdale, MS would be Mississippi.

    Blessings on the next year!

  7. Lamar says:

    Congrats from the north country, wish I could be there in person to say Happy Birthday. Tuning up my new LX-3 thanks to your rave reviews.

  8. Hey, was this Halloween? Jack-O-Lantern comes to mind! 😉

  9. Cynthia Lovewell says:

    Dear Chris, I’ve never seen a happier more glowing 59 year old man in my life; oh, and the chocolate goody on the plate looks yummy too!
    Happy Birthday, and we are happy you are enjoying your beautiful life 🙂

  10. Mike Ridey says:

    As is my personal family tradition (as Roger can attest), please let me wish you a very happy, very belated birthday! The next one will be really good, though. 60 isn’t all that bad, and gets you more senior discounts. Then can teach you the secret handshake, and other 60’s secrets!
    It looks like this was a good one, and they will only get better!

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