M. Arscott, le Photographe


dave_a_cameraFriend David Arscott arrived last week with a new camera, a Canon DSLR with an amazing zoom range stuffed into a stubby, maybe 2-inch deep lens package. David took perhaps a thousand photos of Ameugny (I don’t think I exaggerate) and it’s environs, and took great delight, usually at mealtimes, showing us the best catches of the day on his netbook (also brand new).

He photographed a local winemaker, M. Lafarge and a fellow he found working in one of Ameugny’s vineyards – very nice pictures in my opinion. But David’s greatest prizes were his train pictures, especially his shots of France’s famed 200-mph TGV (train à grand vitesse).

Maison Lechat is perched on the hillside just below the 12th century Roman church in Ameugny, and commands a wonderful view of the valley carved by the River Guy. The TGV line runs along the valley’s flat bottom, about 2 km from the house. When the wind is from the east, you can sometimes hear the swoosh, a sound more like an airplane than a train, as the train blazes by – it really is amazingly fast.

David spent some time on one of the days when the weather broke, lifting the fog and rain obscuring the valley, trying to photograph the TGV in flight from our patio – no mean feat. With his lens zoomed to its maximum he produced an image which shows two trains passing, the southbound train being in the foreground – you can just see the top of the northbound train behind the southbound TGV – great reflexes and a very fast shutter. He made it his netbook’s desktop image, so pleased was he. David left us a chip with 267 of his images, but unfortunately, the prize snap isn’t there… lots of much-appreciated pix of moi et la femme, however

Top photo by David Arscott


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Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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One Response to M. Arscott, le Photographe

  1. Matthew D-G says:

    A beautiful picture! Max was next to me when I was looking at it, and as I began to scroll down, he immediately said, “Go up, go up!” He had, alas, spotted the train……

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