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The big news in Ameugny this year is street signs, and, indeed, street names. Previously, mail needed only have the name of the person and the town, and Madame Postmistress would unerringly deliver in her bright yellow Postes mini-truck.

But locals complained that it was too hard to give directions to visitors, so a committee was formed, names were chosen, and new tan street signs now make Ameugny one of the best sign-posted little towns in the Departement de Saone et Loire. A new map in front of the mairie proudly shows the new regimen. In that wonderfully French fashion, the main drag in Ameugny has five different names, depending on which part of the road you happen to be standing.

The sniffles I’ve been nursing for a couple days blossomed overnight into a full-blown cold – one of those achy, runny-nosed, stuffed-sinus affairs that makes life miserable. Even Linda suggested I sleep in this morning, missing the morning service at TaizĂ©, and interrupting my walking schedule.

Seeking relief, I drove to the Pharmacie in nearby Cormatin, stopping for bread and croissants at the local boulangerie. The young woman who runs it is getting to know my face, and greeted me cheerfully. My French has progressed to the point where I was able to explain to the pharmacist that I wanted a remedy without stupor-inducing antihistamines and he produced a product called Actifed. He also recommended a nasal spray for the stuffy nose, and I was good to go. New acquaintance Cees van Halderen, passed by twice on his bicycle, waving both times. I came home to fresh coffee to go with the croissants, and life was good, cold notwithstanding…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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3 Responses to Village life

  1. Matthew D-G says:

    Sorry to hear of your sniffles. Kate and I are just getting over them ourselves, brought to us courtesy of the Encinal kindergarten department. I think the sniffles in Ameugny might well be better than the sniffles in Menlo, though. At least the croissants are undoubtedly better. Get well soon!

  2. Stuart Rosenberg says:

    Chris- Be careful with actifed. Can cause prostate problems. Claritin without the d D or Allegra without the D are your best options. Stuart

  3. Hi, Chris.
    Ameugny is very advanced. Cormatin got streetnames about a year ago, but there are (still) no house numbers. Anyway, all my admiration goes to Mme la Poste, for being able to memorise all those names.
    The following story still holds for Cormatin.
    See you again one day, crossing the D14 on my way to or from the Tabac and the baker.

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