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A hot topic

Our Garden, know variously as Grace’s Garden, Garden 2.0 and (formerly) Dotcom Garden faces south and, with a light gray wall of the house acting as a solar reflector, rises quickly to 100 degrees on hot sunny days like this … Continue reading

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Brave (?) new world

Re: our recent hack, reader Lamar asks “So who is the guilty spammer? And why would they want to mess your blog up like that? I find it unsettling that we have this brave new world that has to be … Continue reading

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My WordPress spam injection attack

After a two-day dig, we finally found the source of the 624 spam links that have been sitting, hidden from readers but visible to crawlers, in our blog page for some weeks or months. This hack has only one purpose … Continue reading

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State-of-the-art spam server

We’ve upgraded, secured, searched, cleaned and otherwise fixed up our wheezing WordPress install, but there are still 624 invisible links on my site to random sites. This is called a spam injection hack, and it almost certainly is coming out … Continue reading

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Time for an upgrade…. badly needs an upgrade and some other work…. the site may be down or features unavailable for the next 24 hours or so. Dig we must…

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Lame disease

Lame disease [låm dizéz] 1. A condition wherein a blogger posts daily, for the sake of posting, (see focus and discipline) but doesn’t really have anything interesting to write about. 2. Writing not from passion or deep-seated interest, but for … Continue reading

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Wired to the iPad

Earlier this week, we downloaded Wired mag for the iPad. Our previous mag downloads, Paris Match and Popular Science were visually stunning and geekily interesting, respectively. The Wired app for iPad is very,very interesting. It comes closest to integrating 21st … Continue reading

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