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After the fall

Earlier this year, I was still walking, unaided, sometimes unaccompanied and could usually go 1.5 miles and sometimes further (the year before it had been 4 miles solo). When I began falling a lot, I started using a walking stick, … Continue reading

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Writing something

A number of readers have have been encouraging me to “write something,” if only to reassure them that I’m still here. Short answer is yup, we’re still answering the phone, as it were, at least when we can get to … Continue reading

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Insufficiently shadowy

A group calling itself the “Shadow Posse Trolls” has served me a takedown notice, revoking my status as a Shadowy Figure and demanding the return of my Shadow Guild card.The Trolls cite a number of grounds, notably that I’m “Insufficiently … Continue reading

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"Shadowy figure" – a coveted promotion comes through

So, we know a lot of people will find this highly suspect, given the potential for nepotism, but last night I was granted an honor I have long and secretly coveted: I was described as a “shadowy figure” (honest, I … Continue reading

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Big night out

So we were off to Menlo Center tonight for two events, one was to hear author William Gibson read from Zero History at Kepler’s Books, and then next door to CafĂ© Borrone for dinner and the music of Clint Baker’s … Continue reading

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Secretly famous

No sooner had we finished Zero History, and started re-reading Pattern Recognition, which tomes explore themes like secret brands and obscure, unheralded, mysterious, but nevertheless, wildly popular media clips, when the most obscure of my search agents turned up crinkly … Continue reading

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Ansel Adams at the Monterey Museum of Art

Dear friend Scott was kind enough to drive me down to the Monterey Museum of Art yesterday, to see the exhibit “Ansel Adams: Portrait of America” (through October 3). I’d never been to MMA, and was very pleased to discover … Continue reading

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