"Shadowy figure" – a coveted promotion comes through

"Shadowy figure" - a coveted promotion  comes throughSo, we know a lot of people will find this highly suspect, given the potential for nepotism, but last night I was granted an honor I have long and secretly coveted: I was described as a “shadowy figure” (honest, I had nothing to do with it, right, dear?).

But we’re not going to wait for the dust to settle before we step up and embrace the new title. Like a newly-promoted WalMart manager eyeing the selection of clip-on ties, my first move will be wardrobe.

So we’re scanning the usual source for “shadowy figure” outfits. Black T-shirts, check. Black jeans (probably Dockers in my middle-aged case), check. Black socks, check. We already have black jockey shorts (don’t ask), check. Black sneakers, check (but we’ll probably go with Van’s slip-ons rather than some skank lace-ups with black shoelaces – we’re a newb after all, and don’t want to seem presumptuous).

This leaves us lacking just one vital accessory – the jacket. Since black leather has gone the way of the plaid tuxedo as a “shadowy” accessory we took advantage of last night’s William Gibson book reading to get some tips.

"Shadowy figure" - a coveted promotion  comes throughUsing imaging equipment and software favored by spook agencies and private detectives the world over, we enlarged the logo on his matte black cotton jacket. ACRNM – turns out to be an acronym for Acronym – whoaaa.

Acronym, spelled out, turns out to be an ur-cool collection of Berlin-based video and other artists with a penchant for noir oeuvres, which video clips have titles like “S-J7.” Curiously, these artistes also offer clothing with similar model names, but you can’t just pop down to Target to pick up one of these beauties. They’re even hard to find on the net. Sounding like a plot line in a recent William Gibson novel? I want one…


About Chris Gulker

Chris Gulker, a self-described Infuential Blogger, lived in Menlo Park, California with spouse Linda. He passed away in late October 2010.
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