Note: This is a historical archive of Chris Gulker’s weblog. Chris passed away in October 2010.

gulker.com was founded in 1995, initially because of a joke told in the San Francisco Examiner newsroom. Then-publisher Will Hearst was explaining why he ‘didn’t like The Internet’ (despite his obvious enthusiasm for it).

The conversation was something like this:

Will: “I’m a rich guy, I can afford printing presses, delivery trucks and labor contracts. That means guys like you and Rob Morse and the other people in this newsroom have to come to me and ask for jobs. And since a lot of people want to work here, I don’t have to pay you a lot. Market economics.

“But in a world with the Internet, you can go straight to the reader. Why, you could start gulker.com, and cut me out of the picture entirely.” So I did, that afternoon. A couple days later, as Will walked past my desk, I showed him my home page. Will was delighted “See, I told you!”

So it started as a joke, and while some contend that it continues to be a joke, gulker.com has really been an experiment, a place to try things out and to learn the ropes of a new and fascinating medium. Since late in 1995, it has contained a Weblog. Today it contains my ‘blog, several hundred columns and articles, many of which have been published in The Independent in London, and collections of my photographs, both serious work and snapshots.

About Chris Gulker

The old (pre-Wordpress) site (prior to July, 2006)

The infamous Gulker Labs


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  1. Maria Tachis says:

    Hi Chris,
    I spoke with you today regarding a photo and quick interview with Chef Russi tomorrow. It seems I wrote down your number incorrectly. Chef is not available tomorrow, but will be in on Friday. Will that work for you? I am so sorry about the phone number mix up. Please give me a call at 321-8810 or on my cell at 906-3400.

    Thanks Chris, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Maria Tachis

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